Authentic Quebec: 100% Natural Charm

Spectacular scenery has visitors enthralled in silent contemplation… and racing to make the most of the rivers and parks that abound in this nirvana for hiking and rowing enthusiasts.

Parks and wide-open spaces make Authentic Québec what it is. La Mauricie National Park of Canada, Parc de la rivière Batiscan with its 400 hectares of outstanding natural beauty, and Parc du Mont-Tremblant in Lanaudière offer unspoilt forest as far as the eye can see, waterfalls galore, islets, and archipelagos (don’t miss the Lac Saint-Pierre archipelago, a UNESCOW orld Biosphere Reserve). So many unique destinations to enjoy nature at its best all year long… Feel like spending a night in a tipi or high up in the trees? How about a taste of adventure on a First Nations reserve? From Manawan (the place where we gather eggs in Atikamekw) to Mokotakan (crooked knife in Atikamekw), there’s plenty to be learned, and plenty of traditions to be shared. Plus, the beauty of the landscape goes hand in hand with the locals’ love of parties. Mechoui, corn roasts, and sugar shacks are all great ways to celebrate nature and learn the true meaning of Kwe! Kwe! (Hello!)