A Change of Scenery

At Auberge Le Baluchon, rooms and facilities are spread out over four lodges. One of these has been renamed Lac Saint-Léon Spring after a Saint-Paulin hotel of the same name that, back in 1885, was one of the premier hotels in all of Canada. A timely reminder, if ever there was one, that local hospitality goes back a long time indeed. In the renovated rooms, the décor is distinctly refined, with a nod to days of old through furniture given a new lease on life by talented local artisans. In the De La Rivière lodge, for instance, rustic frames showcase the region’s plantlife, while an old map traces the river (known to the local First Nations as Maikan Stiy) all the way to Lac Saint-Pierre. With a mill, an organic café, stables, and even a chapel, there’s so much to discover. Paddle along the river and explore the lush meadows on horseback or by foot. Then winter picks up where summer left off, with cross-country skiing, skating, and sleigh rides—all in enchanting surroundings worthy of New France.

Massage on the water & up in the trees

Summer is the perfect time to get back to nature and what better way than with a tandem massage out on the water?

LE baluchon Eco Resort