A fisherman’s garden of Eden

Founded in 1934 and owned by the Auger family for the last twenty years, Domaine Bazinet enjoys an enviable reputation throughout the province and even beyond, offering a superb setting of lakes, rivers, waterfalls and mountain wilderness.

Nestled in the lush landscape of the Laurentian range, this outfitter is among the most sought-after in the province, and for good reason! The owners’ legendary hospitality, the quality of the facilities, and the diversified services make it a major vacation destination, for both outdoor activities and well-deserved vacation getaways. The site is perfectly suited for families, who can take advantage of special rates and packages in order to enjoy water-based activities, fishing and hiking in the woods in summer, as well as many other activities in winter. There are a host of activities and discoveries every season, and multi-activity stays are attractive ways of making the most of the experience. Those looking for a quiet vacation and natural attractions will opt for a fall visit to take advantage of the mild weather and the vivid colours of nature beautifying the property.

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Teasing the fish even in winter

You can go fishing here year-round, whether it’s for a day outing or as part of a stay. The brook trout, so abundant in these parts, don’t get a moment’s rest. For your ice-fishing adventure, tip-ups are supplied and holes are drilled for you. There’s even a private heated cabin available free of charge upon purchase of two-day fishing permits. Take advantage of the opportunity to combine this fun activity with some snowshoeing, ice-skating or a short snowmobile excursion.