A lot on your plate?

Whether you’re pampering yourself in the health spa or pulling up a chair in the first-rate restaurant, relaxing and getting away from it all has never been easier. Here is where people come to feast on happiness and awaken their senses.

The nordic experience

The recently opened nordic spa has just made a great R&R experience even better. You won’t hear any traffic here. No engines out on the summer water either. Only the chirping of the birds and perhaps the gentle clip-clop of a horse-drawn sledge ride to the rink in winter. This is the place to enjoy a nordic spa after putting yourself in the hands of qualified massage therapists. The Archipelago Islands massage, for one, creates a wave sensation to relax body and mind.

The art of the mise en bouche

In the kitchen, local boy Yan Gabriel Gauthier has returned to his native Mauricie to wow guests with locally responsible creative fare. The young chef uses all of his creativity and 16 years of experience to serve up the very freshest local produce every which way (think asparagus, wild mushrooms, berries, and more). It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

LE baluchon Eco Resort