A Trip Back in Time (Terrebonne)

Stroll along the streets of Vieux-terrebonne—just kilometres from montréal—and you’ll feel as though you’re leafing through a history book, back to the days of the seigneuries in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The best area to explore by foot takes the form of a rectangle: wander between Rue Saint-Louis and Rue Saint-Pierre, zigzagging west to east between Boulevard des Braves and Rue Chapleau. Jewellery stores, boutiques, trendy restaurants, an art gallery, and an chocolatier offering decadent desserts—there’s so much to discover!
The centuries-old architecture has a distinctly European feel about it and is sure to whisk you back to days of old, often in the company of a familiar face right out of the history books. And detailed maps mean you’ll always know exactly where you are.
So go for a stroll by Rivière des Mille Îles, admiring the islands that have taken root in the water. Or visit historic Île-des-Moulins, an 18th century pre-industrial complex complete with seigneurial office, an old bakery and flour, saw, and carding mills. Then how does a gentle trip down the river on a pontoon boat sound? There are so many ways to discover an area steeped in history and blessed with some gorgeous scenery.

Choose from four themed trails. The TransTerrebonne is a must: close to 25 kilometres of walking and cycling trails right by the water’s edge. Follow the river and soak up the views. Vieux-Terrebonne is the place to head for entertainment, with its traditional wine festival and theatre.

Fill up on fresh air in the colourful surroundings of Parc du Grand-Coteau—on foot, by bike, or even on horseback.

The TransTerrebonne bike path turns into a cross- country trail come winter, with over 20 kilometres to explore through quiet woods far from the traffic. The kids will be keen to get in on the action too— they can skate by the lock at Île-des-Moulins or go tubing at Groupe Plein Air Terrebonne. Then why not end your day with a little snowshoeing?

Bring your binoculars along and watch the ducks and Canada geese splash down on Rivière des Mille Îles. An elevated 250-metre trail leads to a lookout tower that looks down on wetland teeming with reptiles, amphibians, and more than 200 bird species.

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