Fall in Love with Nature (Centre d’Aventure Mattawin)

On the banks of the Matawin River is a paradise of fresh air and unspoiled nature whose beauty is truly a wonder to behold.

In the distance, hear the joyful barks of a team of sled dogs eager to carry one away to an enchanted forest. Snuggled under a fur throw or holding tight to the handles as the sled races along the snowy trails, riders have the exhilarating sense of becoming one with the loyal, tireless creatures who lead the way. After an exciting day in the great outdoors, it feels so good to step into the warmth of an ecofriendly

cottage or prospector tent. A t night, under a cosy comforter, one can’t help but relive each thrilling moment spent in this breathtaking setting. Restful slumber calls after a day of such adventure.

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Myriad Adventures

The Centre d’aventure Mattawin encourages guests to create their own customized vacation, choosing all the activities their hearts desire: snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, dogsledding, skating and, why not, a little sledding to thrill your inner child! More adventurous guests will enjoy the forest survival activity: build a traditional Native shelter and learn trapping techniques, before returning to base camp for a celebratory meal in the company of other adventurers.