Family of Friends

An adventurer to the bone, Gaston Pellerin passed down to his two sons his fondness for the smell of the wood burning brightly in the fireplace and the aroma of fresh fish simmering on the stove. While Charles bustles around the kitchen, George organizes outdoor fun on the 3,500 hectares of forest surrounded by lakes, rustic cabins, and a five-star inn. Knowledgeable guides are also part of the extended family, and just as keen to share their know-how. End a fishing trip with Stéphane with a bite to eat on the beach, where you can cook your catch over a campfire. And while Tony talks wildlife, trapping, and deer hunting, night is falling fast as Pierre creeps stealthily toward the natural habitat of the bear, a handful of interested observers in hot pursuit. Just follow Pierre (better known as “Plant Guy”) to explore the hiking trails, learning the names for each species and picking a wild mushroom or two as you go. And, last but not least, there’s our friend Guy, just the man to bring along on an adrenalinfuelled quad or snowmobile ride. Around the night fire, there’s magic in the air and new friendships are forming fast.

Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc