From Beach to Forest (Les Chalets d’Émélie)

One hour’s drive from montréal, nestled between dense forests and a sandy beach on the shores of Lac Pierre, les chalets d’émélie stand on a private estate for a welcoming, comfortable stay. 
Imagine a path that cuts its way through the mountains, teeming with birdlife, hare, grouse, deer—and breathtaking views from the top of the hill.

Now imagine your stay at Les Chalets d’Émélie, the ideal destination to make the most of your free time and the great outdoors, all in intimate surroundings. in summer, the private beach is perfect for paddling, not to mention all kinds of water games and sports. come fall, hop on your bike and set out to discover the colours of lanaudière, right on your doorstep. And then, not to be left out, winter means unforgettable hikes, snowshoeing, and dogsledding through pristine snow.

There are 20 kilometres of trails to explore—and a frozen lake that’s just waiting to be skated across! now come back to the fireplace and let’s warm ourselves up after all that wintry fun!

NEW: A dry sauna, cold bath, spa, and relaxation area—all in the hearth of nature!

 Les Chalets d’Émélie