Life as a Lumberjack

At Les Piles – Village forestier in the quaint town of Grandes-Piles (the birthplace of logging in Mauricie), visitors are offered an exclusive opportunity to experience a day in a lumberjack’s life. The tour begins in the foreman’s office, where assignments are handed out: hitching up the horse, or helping transport logs for measuring and cutting. About 20 buildings with amusing slang-Québecois names like cookerie, la bécosse, le grand chaland and shed à voiturerie bear witness to the difficult lives led by the area’s loggers between 1850 and 1950. You can also learn about log driving on the Saint-Maurice River during a guided tour in a canoe. The day ends with everyone gathered around the truie à 2 ponts (wood stove) listening to local legends, a glass of caribou (a traditional, bracing drink) in hand.

Village du bûcheron