Life’s so mellow

Well-being was carved in stone at La Source Bains Nordiques, a site built on a mountainside, whose forested setting affords a serene escape.

You have to go to the end of Queen Street in Rawdon to find Her Majesty La Source, the queen of destinations in the kingdom of well-being. Upon merely discovering the spot, which looks like it was sculpted into the rock of Mont Pontbriand, the city becomes a distant memory. The stress of the daily grind already starts to fade away. To deliver a complete experience of relaxation, La Source Bains Nordiques lets guests enjoy one of the most highly-regarded facilities in the province. Whether for a massage or a few hours of heat therapy, spa-goers can benefit from the experience year-round, with the added bonus of knowing that their self-indulgence doesn’t harm nature. This thoroughly contemporary establishment favours environmentally-friendly solutions, such as its spa that uses geothermal energy, a first in Quebec. All that’s left to do is sit back, breathe and enjoy. Breathe: on the meditation trail, a 700-meter route where nine stations let visitors reconcile with the Earth. Enjoy: La Source lets you complete your bodily renewal through the pleasures of the palate thanks to the menu of its Bistro, available at all hours.

Heat, cold, relaxation

The ultimate well-being experience awaits you at the Scandinavian baths, which involve alternating heat (steam baths, dry sauna, thermal waterfalls and outdoor hot tubs) and cold (waterfalls and Scandinavian baths or snow!) before retreating to the outdoor or indoor relaxation areas. The designers of the property knew how to exploit the full potential of the surrounding setting – one example being the seamless addition of an igloo during the winter months (February to April). A veritable polar relaxation area, this temporary structure, launched in the winter of 2014, was designed with the technical help of the management team of Quebec City’s Ice Hotel. Another new and promising service: the Signature massage, a deep, invigorating massage that combines different techniques, along with the use of hot oil and basalt rocks. Three years of fine-tuning for 90 minutes of sheer pleasure. La Source Bains Nordiques truly wants the best for you!

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