Snowy Thrills

On sunny winter days, the blanket of white laid over Mauricie’s vast landscapes sparkles with the glint of a thousand diamonds. Snowy fields, hills and valleys reach in every direction—the perfect place for countless winter pleasures.

Par / by Diane Laberge

Mauricie is a heaven on earth for lovers of winter sports. Drink in the wonders of the season in the course of leisure, educational or sporting activities. Discover wildlife hibernation habits, explore snowy trails at night in the glow of a head-mounted light, skate or fish for rainbow trout on the frozen lake, and make friends with a team of sled dogs. As a couple, with family or among friends, you will always be in good company with Mauricie’s interpretive guides. I n addition to providing insight into the natural surroundings, they’re happy to share their love of the region with spellbound visitors at the end of the day, drinking hot cocoa by a blazing fire.