Sustainable Well-Being

Champion of sustainable tourism, Le Baluchon also makes sure that their guests’ pleasure lasts.

Nestled on the banks of the spectacular Rivière du Loup, Auberge Le Baluchon is known for its fine cuisine that incorporates ingredients grown on Maurician soil. At the Éco-café, the baked goods are hot out of the oven, the coffee is freshly roasted and the tea is piping hot and fragrant. Le Baluchon boasts a truly enchanting setting: an archipelago with eight islands, as well as waterfalls, mesmerizing forests and tranquil plains. No engines disturb the peace here. In the winter, a one-horse sleigh carries visitors to the skating rink. In the summer, canoes, Rabaska boats and kayaks meander down the river. Visitors are treated with special care in this peaceful setting far-removed from the daily hustle and bustle. Time spent at the island health spa is pure bliss. T hose thirsting for an excursion will appreciate the 20 kilometres of trails used for cross-country skiing, walking or horseback riding. A visit to the Écurie du Roy (King’s Stables) is a must in any season to meet the inn’s noble steeds. During the summer, climb aboard a Rabaska for river theatre! Unforgettable.
LE baluchon Eco Resort