Tasty… and photogenic? (Ferme La Bisonnière)

La Bisonnière’s owners Sylvie and Daniel warmly welcome visitors to their bison farm in Saint-Prosper, where they are glad to share their passion for this impressive animal. The tour begins with an introduction to the giant mammal’s history, going back to the time of Buffalo Bill. Next, you’ll venture somewhat anxiously into the bison pasture for an exciting photo safari, where the owners go out of their way to reassure you that the huge beasts are actually very docile. Once safely back from the fields, guests are invited to feast on bison sausages, meat pies, stews and loin. Bison is much sought-after, with tender, savoury meat that is also low in fat and high in protein. Sylvie and Daniel’s herd are raised on pasture, with no hormones, chemicals or pesticides. It is no wonder then that La Bisonnière Farm won a Grand Prix du tourisme québécois this year.

Ferme La Bisonnière