Tasty finds on country roads

In this land of green plains and valleys where picnicking opportunities abound, both eyes and taste buds are regaled. An getaway in the Lanaudière region quickly becomes a gourmet affair, always involving getting close to the locals – local growers, in particular – who throw open their doors in order to share the real, honest taste of the fruit of their land. This delicious excursion features both the traditional and the inventive, and encompasses all types of specialty foods. Five themed routes allow visitors to appreciate the talent of these artisans of taste. This assortment of agritourism businesses and shops specializing in local products are brought together by one common goal: to delight and surprise you. And their mission is accomplished through Ferme Guy Rivest’s berry wines, Simon Turcotte Confituriers’ unique jams and Cochon cent façons’ tempting pork products – just a few of the many treats the region has to offer.