The Adventurers’ Retreat

You haven’t lived life in the north until you’ve seen winter in purest white at Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc. As forest innkeepers, the Pellerin family are past masters at living winter to the fullest, rich in experiences and emotions. Here, winter is lived with both feet firmly planted in a pair of snowshoes, in a tent cabin with game stew bubbling away over a fire, and out on the ice in the hope of tempting a speckled trout or two.

Just after dawn, hop on your snowmobile to ride a 140-kilometre loop from the family inn to a log cabin at Saint-Élie-de-Caxton. As you cut through the maple grove, watch the steam rise from the den of a hibernating bear, then when night falls, listen to the wolves howl in the distance as you sip on your hot chocolate. Wannabe mushers on their way to a winter picnic will have the time of their lives urging the dogs forward across the snow, then back at the Pellerins’ there’s plenty left to learn about Nordic living. Rule No. 1? Grab a tuque and jump feet first into the here and now.

Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc