The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

Already in its twenty-sixth year, the Festival International de la Poésie has become an eagerly anticipated event for poets and poetry-lovers the world over. More than 400 activities take place in Trois-Rivières’s downtown area during the 10 days of festivities, with traces of the festival lingering the rest of the year. On Promenade de la poésie, an idea dreamed up and brought to life by Maryse Baribeau and Gaston Bellemare, lines from love poems (in French and 21 other languages) adorn the walls of the city. The Corde à poèmes, a clothesline strung across Parc Champlain, holds nearly 5 000 texts submitted by the general public, giving everyone a chance to release their inner poet and express what’s in their hearts. An uplifting festival that generates “sustainable happiness” according to its regular attendees, it is held from October 1 to 10, 2010 in Trois-Rivières.

>Festival international de la poésie

This year’s chosen verse, in honour of late poet Bruno Roy ; loosely translated as : This city stirs in my very soul.