A historical jewel in the wilderness

Formerly a private hunting and fishing club, La Seigneurie du Triton hosted the greats of this world such as American presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Harry Truman, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and many others. A place where rustic character and prestige go hand in hand.

Its history dates back to 1893, when a railroad engineer by the name of Alexander Luders Light founded the Triton Fish and Game Club. This idyllic place, accessible only by boat, possesses an exclusive fishing territory covering over 45 km², as well as impressive forest land that is home to a variety of wild flora and fauna. To preserve this unique area and its natural wealth, a protected area measuring 400 km2. is currently being created.

Triton Michel Julien

Minding the good and beautiful things in life

The Tremblay-Bernard family, who has been managing the property for nearly twenty years, devotes special attention to preserving the historical and natural character of the site so that visitors can have a truly authentic experience. You feel at home, all while being pampered by an attentive team, intent on offering you a magical visit. The outfitter’s delicious cuisine, of traditional and international inspiration, comes highly recommended. Morning and evening meals are served in the dining room and in summer, the chef and his team prepare lunch on the grill, in the heart of the forest, overlooking the lake. Happiness, pure happiness!

Village Innusit

On the shores of the Batiscan River, this Amerindian camp allows you to experience the traditional lifestyle of the Aboriginals and backwoodsmen. Spend a night in a teepee with a campfire, take a walking tour, ride in a canoe or rabaska, pick wild berries, observe beavers and enjoy meals prepared over a wood fire. An enriching experience, in complete harmony with nature.

63. Shore Lunch

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