A Taste of Alcatraz, Anyone?

If you’ve ever imagined what prison life is really like, you won’t want to miss the Vieille prison de Trois-Rivières. Although it hasn’t welcomed any criminal inhabitants since 1986, the Old Prison maintains its cramped cells, terrifying solitary confinement areas and unbearable musty smell for the public to experience. Forget a traditional guided tour—here an ex-convict leads the way, giving a first-hand account of life behind bars. And for the more adventurous, La Vieille Prison offers a “Sentenced to One Night” group package. Step into a convict’s shoes for 12 hours if you dare, sleep in a cell and eat a typical prison breakfast. The only experience of its kind in North America!

“Forget a traditional guided tour… here an ex-convict leads the way”

Old Prison of Trois-Rivières