Beyond Tall Tales About the Biggest Catch!

A fishing paradise? Of course! However, Québec’s outfitting operations are also a great destination for unwinding and admiring the beauty of the backcountry.

Members of a vast network of Quebec Wilderness Lodges™ that are dedicated to hunting and fishing, outfitting operations have become a first-rate resort destination for family, friends and groups wanting to recharge their batteries or enjoy a wide range of activities in an enchanting setting, from the adrenaline-spiking to the relaxing. In the summer, how fun leisurely bait trout, walleye, pike and even salmon, go canoeing, kayaking or hiking or unwind, enveloped in the hush of the forest as the sun is setting. Winter brings the options of ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, crosscountry skiing and dog sledding, perfect for the more adventurous! Did you know that la Fédération des pourvoiries du Québec has over 365 passionate members, many of which are located in Mauricie and Lanaudière? What a catch!

Association des pourvoiries de la Mauricie

Association des pourvoiries de Lanaudière