History on Paper

The new Boréalis history centre tells the saga of the pulp and paper industry during the 20th century, at the time of loggers and log drivers, when Trois-Rivières was the world’s newsprint paper capital.

Only a five minute walk from Vieux-Trois-Rivières and the Harbourfront Park, Boréalis bears witness to an important chapter in Trois-Rivières’s history. Located in a former water filtration plant, a historical building dating back to 1920, the new centre presents the remnants of a major industry through exhibits and educational activities that are refreshingly authentic and interactive. Voyage au bout du monde (Trip to the Ends of the Earth) is a journey into an immaculate white space where an icy wind blows, at the centre of which stands a copse of trees offering poetic messages that inspire contemplation of the future. The Racines et identité (Roots and Identity) exhibit is a unique pairing of man and machine, a return to the times of hard manual labour that permits an understanding of the challenges the pulp and paper industry will be facing in the future. Boréalis promises an intriguing experience, with leading-edge technology exploring a subject that could well be the premise of a science fiction movie.

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