Ice Fishing (Petits poissons des Chenaux)

For a short time each winter, several hundred small wood huts crowd one another on the frozen surface of Mauricie’s waterways or on the St. Lawrence River. These temporary huts provide shelter to family and friends who gather under their roofs for the love of fishing and camaraderie. Ice fishing has existed since the late seventeenth century, when settlers found the Native population fishing for subsistence. In today’s Mauricie, the tradition is still very much alive, and is enjoyed as a festive winter activity. How heart-warming to see family members huddled around the hut’s wood stove, sitting on simple benches and stools while holding their fishing lines above a hole cut into the ice. Listen to their giggling, as they tell tall tales about the giant fish they caught. When night falls, the scene takes on a surreal atmosphere, with plumes of smoke escaping the chimneys, people slowly walking to and fro on the ice, and children twirling in sheer joy on a patch of ice cleared for skating. A simply magical setting!

A famous happening: tomcod fishing on Sainte-Anne river.

Ice fishing: Petits poissons des Chenaux