Trois-Rivières : In high spirits!

Trois-Rivières is feeling high-spirited. In summer, the city teems with events and festivals that feature dance, song, poetry, sports competitions, story and legend telling, etc. It’s easy to fall under the charm of this human-scaled city. It can be discovered on foot through its unique urban paths and thematic tours such as the Promenade de la poésie (poetry promenade) and the 100 % cultural experience tours. During these relaxed walks, you’ll be able to roam through art galleries and artists’ workshops and you’ll have a chance to meet the city’s residents, who are always happy to welcome you.

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Cruise passengers and circus crowds
Trois-Rivières is also a port city that has managed to reclaim the water that surrounds it everywhere. When the big cruise ships dock along the Saint Lawrence River, the harbour port becomes a festive gourmet haven. Upon disembarking, cruise passengers have direct access to the downtown core and the historic district and can enjoy touring the city on foot or exploring nature nearby. Nor far away from the port, the new amphitheatre will be presenting all-new Cirque du Soleil shows through 2017, holding the promise of many a beautiful evening under the stars. As the last of the bathers are returning from Île Saint-Quentin beach located at the mouth of the Saint-Maurice River, conversations are in full swing on the terraces of Rue des Forges. The local people appreciate their quality of life and are ever so willing to share their collective happiness!

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