Modern Comfort and Rustic Charm

With mouth-watering fragrances wafting from the kitchen, guests enjoy the warmth within while gazing at the beauty without.

The smell of a wood fire mingling with the intoxicating scent of soup simmering on the stove… that is the essence of this lovely, rustic inn. located on a sandy beach along a lake fed by crystal clear river waters, it is the ideal spot to enjoy a quiet getaway and admire the beauty of the changing seasons. beyond the bridge lies a dense forest with numerous trails and an enclosure holding small deer and elk (one of the world’s largest cervids). Springtime brings the sugar shack’s sweet pleasures. in the winter, snowmobilers tired from a long day on the trails and couples on a romantic adventure appreciate the indoor pool, spas and saunas.

“This very charming inn is the perfect blend of country ambiance and modern design. Its many windows heighten one’s sense of communion with nature.”

Auberge du Vieux Moulin