Out on a Ledge (Maïkan Aventure)

When lovers of the great outdoors decide to share their expertise and lust for life in an exceptional natural setting, the result is Maïkan Aventure.

This outfitter’s location on the banks of the Rivière Saint-Maurice in Trois-Rivières provides the ideal launching point for numerous water-based and other outdoor activities. Choose from canoeing or kayaking adventures like the legendary log drivers’ descent on the Saint-Maurice, or the excursion on the St. Lawrence River to discover the Îles-de-Berthier. In the summer, mountain climbers and hikers will also be tempted by the impressive local rock faces. Once the snow falls, ice climbing (on a man-made structure) and ski trips are a must. And accompanied by experienced guides, you’ll do more than see the sights, as they share stories, rumours and legends, such as that of the “Fontaine du Diable” (devil’s fountain), where it is said that the devil himself was sighted on several occasions. Thrill-seekers, you’ve come to the right place at Maïkan Aventure!

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