Welcoming you is a sixth sense
Inspiring and full of charm, all the resort establishments of the Lanaudière and Mauricie regions possess an indefinable, irresistible quality. Unlike sophisticated hotels, they offer a change of scenery, warmth and a return to one’s roots.

To keep up with ever-changing trends, the hotel industry is undergoing a huge change. Gone are the days when a vacation meant a night’s stay, followed by breakfast on the run. Now people are looking for experiences with a capital E, whether the theme is relaxation, gourmet dining, culture, sports, the environment or the outdoors. And, for the most part, these two regions have what it takes to satisfy the desires of all visitors, whether they enjoy active or contemplative pursuits, are young or old, or are travelling as a family, a group of friends, or a couple on a romantic getaway.

The environment and the welcome make all the difference
Hotel operators in this area cultivate the art of living in exceptional landscapes. It’s essentially nature in all its majestic beauty, or, more specifically, a blend of water, mountains and forests. Whether it’s a country inn, a forest lodge, a cozy cottage, a log cabin or a slopeside apartment, everyone will find their preferred location, in perfect harmony with the tranquility and wide open spaces characteristic of the area. Nature’s abundance can be enjoyed in both summer and winter, thanks to an abundant supply of outdoor and adventure activities available directly at the resorts.

Customizing your stay
It’s the perfect opportunity to learn a water sport or a motorised sport such as ATV riding or snowmobiling, observe local wildlife or immerse yourself in Amerindian culture. For relaxation, you can laze on the beach, or enjoy the benefits of Nordic baths and massage therapy. And there’s also the flavourful local cuisine, the warmth and hospitality of the hosts, and the great diversity of services offered, added values that make your stay exceptional. Welcome to a land where the art of hospitality is a part of everyday life!