True Fishing Stories!

Since 1934, one of Quebec’s largest outfitting operations has beaten all records… fishing records, of course! But also for the quality of its accommodations, and especially for its warm welcome. Located atop the Laurentian massif at 1 800 metres above sea level, Domaine Bazinet offers a mountaintop inn and fully equipped cottages, from whence once can admire the gorgeous vistas and beauty of the changing seasons. To visit during Indian summer, when the surrounding forest turns vibrant shades of red and orange, is to fully experience the splendor of this setting. Every summer, young families enjoy Domaine Bazinet’s aquatic activities, trampoline and numerous events encouraging friendly banter and the budding of lifelong friendships. In the winter, there is nothing more authentic than ice fishing in a wood-heated cabin on the frozen lake, or exploring the mountain trails on snowshoes or aboard a snowmobile. All this, in a breathtaking setting of crystal-clear waterfalls, streams, lakes and rivers. Wow!

Pourvoirie Domaine Bazinet