Untamed wilderness in an enchanted forest

Winter has many pleasant surprises in store for lovers of the great outdoors at Pourvoirie Trudeau.

To completely appreciate the vastness of the Lanaudière landscape, there is nothing better than heading outside to play. At Pourvoirie Trudeau, days are organized according to taste and preference. Guests need only make the difficult choice between dogsledding, ice fishing, off-trail snowmobiling and snowshoeing to the top of Mont-Chauve. Upon reaching the summit of this impressive mountain, the trekker’s eye is drawn to the panoramic view extending beyond the horizon. At 600 metres in altitude, Lac Crépeau’s frozen surface sparkles and the sky appears all-encompassing. In the evening, guests gather around the wood stove to warm up, before heading to the inn to chat about the high- lights of the day and plan the next adventure over a delicious meal.