Winter Dreams

Anyone visiting the Lac Blanc outfitting operation will receive a crash course in Québec culture while chatting with those who have “seen a thing or two”.

The Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc is known for its warm welcome and social interactions. Everyone here is treated like family, whether musher, snowmobile guide or bush pilot. Should you go ice fishing, you will learn why speckled trout is so plentiful in Mauricie as you fry the fresh catch over the fire. If you strap on your snowshoes to check the traps with Tony, an authentic trapper whose know-how was passed down from his father, you will hear why it is important to control the beaver population. When Pierre the woodsman tells stories about times past, you will know that he is not telling tall tales, having lived with the Innu, Cree and Atikamekw. In short, staying at the Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc is much more than a vacation or outdoor adventure. I t is an immersion in Québec culture, a gift visitors take home with them.